[lug] box building 101 - the bp6

John Starkey jstarkey at polaris.umuc.edu
Tue Jan 18 01:44:43 MST 2000

Have you sold this stuff????

If not what are you looking for in terms of $???

"William Jarosko Jr." wrote:

> Speaking of Box building, I'm in the market to get rid of one of my
> machines.
> Abit bH6, with pII 333 /w fan, 32MB ram, Trident AGP 9850, Trident PCI
> 9660, Floppy, CD-ROM, NO Harddrive I'm keeping that, and possibly a NIC,
> 250W power supply.
> Or the Micronics Dual Pentium Pro 180 /w dual bearing industrial fans,
> 64MB Buffered DIMM, Second VRM (may have a third for a spare), Floppy,
> CDROM, NO Harddrive, and no case.
> Anyone interested email me off the list. No prices set, but it should be
> fair.
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