[lug] all CNAME'd domain dns troubles

Ralf Mattes rm at ns.aura.de
Wed Jan 19 18:47:35 MST 2000

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Andrew Diederich wrote:

> I've looked about in DNS and Bind 2nd edition a bit, but haven't found what
> I need.  My company owns several domain names, but I want them all to point
> to the same servers.  Example: if you go to www.netdelivery.com and
> www.movia.com they should go to the same server.  I'm using Bind 4.9 on a
> SuSE 6.3 box.  

This is actually rather simple. Just create a zone-file for each
of you domains and add an A record for each of the hosts in the 
domain. You can have as many names point to an IP address as you want.


> When I try it the first way, /var/log/messages tells me:
> Jan 19 15:02:47 lexicon named[4481]: db.netdelivery.com:52: data
> "www.movia.com" outside zone "netdelivery.com" (ignored)

Correct. You can't do that. 

> When I try it the second way, /var/log/messages tells me:
> Jan 19 15:31:15 lexicon named[4613]: movia.com has CNAME and other data
> (invalid) 
> Jan 19 15:31:15 lexicon last message repeated 4 times
> Jan 19 15:31:15 lexicon named[4613]: primary zone "movia.com" loaded (serial
> 2000011900)

and that either :-)

> Which does allow me to do an nslookup on movia.com, but I think that it
> kills the mx record/mailing thing. 

> I guess I could set up A records for this, but that seems to be an inelegant
> solution, and then I have to set up exchange *shudder* to accept these other
> addresses.  Any ideas?

Ah, i see. Why exactly don't you like to use A records for this? 
After all, that does exactly what you want--resolve a hostname to
an IP address. 
Using A records actually makes your work easier: you can just copy-
n-paste the host list from one zone file to the other (as long as
you don't use the full hostname in the A records). An entry like

myhost 	A	IN

will work in all zone files (the domain part will be taken from
the top of the zone file).


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