[lug] Cant see internet using DSL

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Let's step back for a moment.

Do you have a fixed IP address from your ISP?

Is your router configured in Bridging or routing mode?

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We've got a box running redhat 6.1 and a 3Com 905b NIC. The NIC shows up
using ifconfig as eth0 and looks good. I can ping the card and the Win98
machines on the local network, but cannot ping our isp or anywhere out on
the internet. I set the gateway using linuxconf.

The IP of the NIC is; the gateway is Netmask
is The routing table looks a bit odd in that the
"destination" for the eth0 is and the gateway is the name of
the machine. I don't know what to make of this.

I do have two network cards installed, the other is also a 3com, but i took
the eth1 "down" using ifconfig.

At one point, this machine was online and working correctly.  Any ideas on
how to troubleshoot this would be great.


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