[lug] font recommendation sought

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Sat Jan 22 13:30:56 MST 2000

>>>>> "SC" == scoffin  <scoffin at netcom.com> writes:

SC> I'm looking for a constant-width font that looks good on a
SC> terminal under X at 1024x768 or higher, especially at small point
SC> size (10-12 pt or 7x12 box) The problem is that I want a bold or
SC> strong font.  For example, the following are fairly good but all
SC> have some problems:

SC> # medium
SC> -b&h-lucidatypewriter-bold-r-normal-sans-12-120-75-75-m-70-iso8859-1

um, why are you calling the *bold* font your "medium" preference?

my choices for monospaced fonts on X depend on whether or not i need a
italics / oblique face, more so than the bold issue.  if i don't need
them, i use -b&h-lucidatypewriter-{medium,bold}-....  if i do need
italics, i use -adobe-courier-{medium,bold}-{r,o}-....  my major
complaints with the courier typeface is that it retains single-pixel
strokes even at 18 pixel and 24-pixel heights.  at least
lucidatypewriter 18-pixel has gone to thicker strokes, which i find
much easier to read in any high-contrast color scheme.

i keep on meaning to investigate font editors to see how hard it would
be to generate an oblique set of the lucidatypewriter font; i really
do prefer a sans-serif [or "mostly" sans-serif, which is probably a
better description of lucidatypewriter] font for editing on computer
screens.  but it's never quite made it to the top of my think-about

note that you might have to argue with your font server or font path
to have it give you the bitmapped courier fonts, not the scalable
ones; sometimes it finds the scalable fonts first, and i've never seen
a scalable font that i liked at that low of a pixel resolution.  this
can be acerbated by programs which seek the "italic" fonts first,
before "oblique"; this will result in it finding the scalable italic
fonts first, despite the fact that the bitmapped oblique fonts are
earlier in the search path.

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