[lug] Clueless Newbie says hello and where do I find a FAQ?

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Sat Jan 22 14:03:44 MST 2000

The first thing to supply would be the errors that you are getting and
which version of Linux you are running.  Chances are that if you did a
default install of one of the recent distributions, apache was laready
installed.  Look in /home/httpd

You can also check out www.apache.org, read all of the documentation
that came with apache, see www.php.net, www.mysql.com

> Chris Wade wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm not a complete newbie, but I am new to Linux.  I've got my system
> running and I'm trying to Apache, PHP, MySQL, and expat.
> I looked through a few weeks' worth of postings for this list and
> didn't find a FAQ.  So Before I start asking stupid questions here,
> can someone direct me to a FAQ for this group?  Specifically I need
> help getting Apache to compile.  I'm using the instructions in David
> Medinets' book on PHP, and everything works fine up to the make
> command for Apache.  Then I get errors...
> And I don't even know how to supply the information that someone would
> need to tell me how to fix it.
> Thanks,
> Chris Wade

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