[lug] font recommendation sought

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Sun Jan 23 14:05:07 MST 2000

scoffin at netcom.com wrote:
> I'm looking for a constant-width font that looks good on a terminal
> under X at 1024x768 or higher, especially at small point size (10-12 pt
> or 7x12 box) The problem is that I want a bold or strong font.
> For example, the following are fairly good but all have some problems:

I generally find myself using two fonts.

I need a font that display maximum legible information density.
Schumacher Clean fits that bill. It works well with a 14 point
font at 114 dpi (1600x1200 on a 19" monitor). This is the font
that I work with on a day-to-day basis.

I also occasionally need a font that displays european characters
correctly. The name "Kåven", for instance, appears as "K ven"
under Schumacher Clean, but displays correctly under Monotype
Courier New. This font displays very nicely, even at 11 pixels,
but the heavy serifs make the font less legible than Schumacher

Courier New is a TrueType font available from Microsoft's webpage.
Red Hat 6.1 ships with a TrueType capable X font server. (I'm not
aware of any other distributions that do.)

Using a bold font at a fine point size is going to cause some
legibility problems. There is no getting around that. For
instance, to make a Courier New legible in a bold typeface, I
need to increase to 13 or 14 pixels. Schumacher Clean seems to
use a wider character cell when displaying the bold face in
order to maintain legibility. You might try a high-contrast
color scheme with a normal font instead.

Rob Riggs

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