[lug] More on NT/Linux dual boot setup

Ferdinand P. Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Mon Feb 7 16:05:14 MST 2000

"Elyse M. Grasso" wrote:

> I think that what I want to do is basically this:
> 1. open up the system
> 2. add the new 8 gig drive as IDE slave and use Partition Magic to set things
> up initially with space for:
>         a. a small dos partition
>         b. OS/2 Boot Manager
>         c. Linux /boot partition
>         d. partition for Windows NT (maybe a gig)
>         e. space for Linux
> 3. SYS the dos partition and copy dos and Partition manager into it.
> 4. Reboot and swap mastership for the IDE drives
> 5. Install OS/2 Boot Manager
> 6. Install Windows NT (using a FAT partition and using )
> 7. Install Linux
> 8. Figure out what patterns of having drives invisible is needed to make the
> drive letters right in DOS and OS/2.
> I think what I'm worried about is whether the NT install tends to be 'greedy'
> and step on things that already exist in the System, and whether there are
> problems getting it to cooperate with the boot manager.
> Does anyone have experience with Boot Manager plus NT plus Linux?
> Can NT go into an extended partition or does it want a primary one? Can the
> Linux /boot be in an extended partition?

Since you are using a boot manager you don't really need to worry about most of
the problems we were writing about in the past.  Read your boot manager's manual.
It will hide the partitions of OSs that you don't use and make your desired OSs
partition the primary partition.  You don't even need the OS/2 and NT boot manager
(except for their own OS's purpose, i.e. in NT).  So carefully do things exactly
the way your boot manager's manual suggests and you should be fine.

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