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Viggy LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Tue Feb 8 11:58:03 MST 2000

Isn't every network a "contention system?"  It's all a matter of where
the contention is.  I.e. with cable modems, the link from your
neighborhood to the backend is the "bottleneck" or contention area. 
Where, with DSL, the phone company has the contention (from the phone co
to the various ISP's; i.e. with the USWest 'spoke' model, the contention
would be at USWest, the center of the "wheel").


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> Since cable modems are a contention system, your download speeds will
> vary based upon the number of users active on each node. Since this is
> the early stage of the service, there's probably not too much competition
> for the  bandwidth in any given area, yet.
> Carter S. Johnson

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