[lug] Out of control mouse and SuSe 6.3

kenw at ihs.com kenw at ihs.com
Tue Feb 8 12:31:42 MST 2000

As root, start yast then:

 System Administration -> Integrate hardware into system -> Mouse configuration

This will allow you to set the mouse parameters.

What I'm not sure of is if you'll have to *also* use sax to change what
X thinks the mouse is, although I suspect that you might have to.

* David Willcox (acesouth at frii.com) [000208 12:25]:
> I have instaled SuSe 6.3 and changed mouse the other broke.It
> is out of control on Desktop but ok out of it. Is there a way to tell
> maybe Yast or somewhere that I have a different mounse or do I have
> to Do Reinstall ?
> thanks ahead for any help,
> David Willcox :-)


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