[lug] Out of control mouse and SuSe 6.3

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Tue Feb 8 12:36:35 MST 2000

David Willcox wrote:
> I have instaled SuSe 6.3 and changed mouse the other broke.It
> is out of control on Desktop but ok out of it. Is there a way to tell
> maybe Yast or somewhere that I have a different mounse or do I have
> to Do Reinstall ?

What kind of mouse did you have, and what kind do you have now?  Red Hat has a
"mouseconfig" program - does S.U.s.E. use that, too?

At any rate, the type of mouse protocol (listed under the "Pointer" section in
your XF86Config file) needs to be changed to the protocol your new mouse is
using.  In addition, "/dev/mouse" (a symbolic link) needs to be deleted, then
recreated to point to the appropriate device ("/dev/psaux" for PS/2,
"/dev/ttyS0" for COM1:, etc.)


Calvin Dodge
Certified Linux Bigot

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