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Justin glowecon at netscape.net
Tue Feb 8 13:19:16 MST 2000

Calvin Dodge <caldodge at fpcc.net> wrote:
> > Nawaf Nafisee wrote:
> > 
> > Is DSL faster than Cable modem.  I own a cable modem and i just heard
> > Broadband saying they now give FREE DSL.  They say it is faster because
> The first watchword is, of course, YMMV.
> I haven't used DSL, but I have seen download speeds as high as 250
> per second (from HP) on my parents' computers, which are all connected via
> Linux-powered gateway to a cable modem (AT&T @Home in Lakewood).
> I'm pretty sure that's faster than any existing (and affordable) DSL
> connection.
> Usually the download speeds are limited by the server at the other end
> kilobytes/second), than by the cable modem itself.
> Of course, I make no guarantees that this situation will continue as
> are added to each network.  But I do know that I'd pay for a cable modem
> now if it was available in my area (southern Adams County).
> Calvin

I am in the process of getting a DSL connection here at my new place. Let me
tell you though, uswest is a pain in my ass. It's been over two weeks and they
haven't made any progress on getting my order # (which is what is needed to
finalize the service). I think I've talked to about 8 different rep's, and the
manager's # they gave me I called it and got a ring no answer on that. Talk
about frustrating...anyhow, more on your question at hand, I had the @home
service at my old house for about 8 months. I also ran my 6 computer home
network off a linux gateway box and it was killer. I witnessed speeds of 200k+
a second consistently many times, on average I'd say I got around 25k~80k a
second though on most stuff. Personally at this point I wish cable modems were
available in my area now. For one thing it's less expensive, and you don't
have to pay $300 for a modem. The only gripe I had was the occasional
downtime, which was like every few weeks, usually only for a short period but
there was a couple times when I was offline for a day or so. Small price to
pay I think...especially now that I am on a dreaded dialup connection now... 


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