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Chris M chrism at peakpeak.com
Tue Feb 8 18:22:41 MST 2000

>Isn't every network a "contention system?"

No. Fast-ethernet (100FD) is not.  T1 lines are not, etc.  It's how 
you hook them together that creates the 'neck.

There are low-level hardware topologies designed to avoid contention. 
If you design networks to scrub that then that's a design choice.


>  It's all a matter of where
>the contention is.  I.e. with cable modems, the link from your
>neighborhood to the backend is the "bottleneck" or contention area.
>Where, with DSL, the phone company has the contention (from the phone co
>to the various ISP's; i.e. with the USWest 'spoke' model, the contention
>would be at USWest, the center of the "wheel").
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>  > Since cable modems are a contention system, your download speeds will
>  > vary based upon the number of users active on each node. Since this is
>  > the early stage of the service, there's probably not too much competition
>  > for the  bandwidth in any given area, yet.
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