[lug] ODBC

Dana J. Hall danahall at concentric.net
Wed Feb 9 08:02:36 MST 2000

I'm working on an intranet project right now using postgreSQL database and
unixODBC on my linux box.  I'm writing the CGIs in C using ODBC for the
database access and it works very well.

For unixODBC I used their tool ODBCConfig for setting up the DSN and
the drivers.  If you need more config info you could email me offline if you

I tried using MyODBC with MySQL and was not successful.  I liked the database
but could not get MyODBC to work properly.  I would be interested in hearing if
anyone else has been successful with MyODBC and MySQL.

Hope this helps.


On Tue, 08 Feb 2000, you wrote:
> Hi all:
> 	I'm getting desperate :-)
> 	Does anyone here have any experience in using ODBC on Linux?
> 	I'm having a hell of a time trying to get it set up - my
> situation is that I have an informix db running on a sparc/solaris
> box and I need to use odbc for access to it.
> 	Any pointers, hints, etc in getting it set up would be
> *very* greatly appreciated. I've been barking up so many wrong trees
> I'm starting to get hoarse.
> 	I'll be glad to supply more details of what I've done so far
> if it will help, just didn't want to post a bunch of useless info to
> the group if it wasn't needed.
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