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Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Alan Tran and I am one of 
the founders of a Linux solutions provider, called LILO Research, Inc.  We 
are funded by a group of large organizations, including an $8 billions 
(annual revenue as of 1999) global manufacturing group as well as other 
well-known .com companies.

At the moment we are in need of a few good Linux engineers (mid to high 
level), as well as a high profile CTO (must know Linux) to join our 
organization in San Jose, CA

I asked myself where could I get a large pool of talented Linux gurus?  LUG 
was the answer.  Your passion to Linux to an extend of setting up or joining 
users group to spread the knowledge is what we are looking for.   That is 
why you are receiving this email

Here is the description: Linux System Engineer (4-5 positions available)
This person will be working with product managers and developers to test, 
evaluate, and develop linux solutions, as well as supporting the channel:
The required knowledge and skills:
· Extensive knowledge in few flavors of linux (i.e. Red Hat, Caldera, 
· Linux solutions: samba, web-server, e-commerce, mail server, and 
· Experienced in system configuration and drivers installation
· Minimum 2 years of linux experience.
We are also looking for Linux developer as well as a CTO.
Generous salary and stock options, depending on level of knowledge and 

This is unconventional way to recruit talents, but what the heck we are 
using Linux, what so conventional about that.   If you have any question, 
please drop me an email or give me a call.

Thank you:
Alan Tran
Office: 408-922-5032
Cell: 916-300-0399

LUG Leaders, please forward this opportunity to your members
.Thank you!!!!

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