[lug] sendmail

Ian Hall-Beyer manuka at nerdherd.net
Wed Feb 9 12:12:31 MST 2000

This is vaguely off-topic, since it's on an AIX platform, but it does
relate to sendmail..

We have an application which does secure data exchange via e-mail, and
requires the .forward file in this application's home directory to be as

|"TEMPLAR_ROOT=/home/templar/templar /home/templar/templar/bin/rcvmail

This, naturally, calls a program.

The problem is, sendmial 8.9.3's stringent security checking is basically
saying, "that program is a stanger and my admin told me not to talk to

Feb  9 11:42:33 wwds7
sendmail[13832]: LAA20938: LAA13832: DSN: /home/templar/.forward: line
1: |"TEMPLAR_ROOT=/home/templar/templar
/home/templar/templar/bin/rcvma...mplar/templar/Assembly"... Address
<templar at wwds7.boulder.ibm.com> is unsafe for mailing to programs

and then sends the message back to me.

Does anyone know how to tell sendmail that this stranger is OK to talk
to? ,forward works fine with an e-mail address in it, so it doesn't appear
to be permissions-related, and the DontBlameSendmail lines don't seem to
help any.



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