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Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Wed Feb 9 12:41:25 MST 2000

look into sendmail's smrsh capabilities.

I believe it requires that the script to be executed is listed in


Ian Hall-Beyer wrote:
> This is vaguely off-topic, since it's on an AIX platform, but it does
> relate to sendmail..
> We have an application which does secure data exchange via e-mail, and
> requires the .forward file in this application's home directory to be as
> follows:
> |"TEMPLAR_ROOT=/home/templar/templar /home/templar/templar/bin/rcvmail
> /home/templar/templar/Assembly"
> This, naturally, calls a program.
> The problem is, sendmial 8.9.3's stringent security checking is basically
> saying, "that program is a stanger and my admin told me not to talk to
> strangers":
> Feb  9 11:42:33 wwds7
> sendmail[13832]: LAA20938: LAA13832: DSN: /home/templar/.forward: line
> 1: |"TEMPLAR_ROOT=/home/templar/templar
> /home/templar/templar/bin/rcvma...mplar/templar/Assembly"... Address
> <templar at wwds7.boulder.ibm.com> is unsafe for mailing to programs
> and then sends the message back to me.
> Does anyone know how to tell sendmail that this stranger is OK to talk
> to? ,forward works fine with an e-mail address in it, so it doesn't appear
> to be permissions-related, and the DontBlameSendmail lines don't seem to
> help any.
> Suggestions?
> -Ian
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