[lug] dial-up access found (was: US-West Dial-Up access)

Ferdinand P. Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Wed Feb 9 15:51:55 MST 2000

Thanks for all your feedback.  There had been one reason for me to not
sign up with Fairplay communications - my flex modem.  They don't
advertise that they are backward compatible so I assumed the were not.
But I like their philosophy, the fact that they offer shell access and
generous web space.

The throughput I got with them was phenomenal for my location (I had
never seen anything past 40 kbps).  So no US-West, the company many of
you seem to have such poor luck with.

Thanks again for all your advice, especially for the hint that fpcc.net
has backward compatible modems.

Ferdinand Schmid
(Staff Engineer)

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