[lug] NT account with SAMBA

Mathias, Robert S (Robert)** CTR ** rmathias at lucent.com
Thu Feb 10 08:24:15 MST 2000

Just wanted to say that this has been the MOST helpful information that I
have rec'd on Linux and configuration. All my books and ref guides do not
compare to the human mind and experience. Thank YOU!!!

On to the question:

Previously I wrote for help with NT accounts and SAMBA. I created the
machine accounts successfully and I was able to add the machine account to
the domain ONCE, then I can no longer log in. I tried removing the user
account on the server side, readding the account and enabling the account
then tried to rejoin the domain without success. Are there any other web
sites that I could you for reference? or has anyone else had this problem.

Thanks in advance,
Robert Mathias

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