[lug] Newbie having problem with sendmail

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Thu Feb 10 08:43:26 MST 2000

Rob wrote:
> installation).  I've been having problems with resolving names
> external to my small home network.  So last night I had intended to
> log on and use nslookup to try and troubleshoot the problem.
> Anyway that will have to wait since my machine does not even boot,
> it stops while attempting to start sendmail after entering run level 3.  I

Sendmail probably can't figure out what your computer name is.

> can boot at run level 1.  Your suggestions for troubleshooting this
> problem would be greatly appreciated.

First, I'd turn off sendmail (at least temporarily).  Boot to run level 1, then
type "chkconfig --del sendmail" or use linuxconf to turn it off.

After that you _should_ be able to boot up to run level 3.

I believe your simplest method of fixing sendmail is to put an entry in your
/etc/hosts file - something like " mailserver" (or whatever you call
your computer). 
Re DNS: do you have a nameserver set up in that or another computer?  If you're
not using DNS to resolve computer names on your local network (for a small
network you can use /etc/hosts on Linux and c:\windows\hosts on Winders), then

1) install "bind" and "caching-nameserver" (both are in RPM files on your
install CD)
2) make sure named will be turned on automatically ("chkconfig --add named")
3) set your local computers to use the DNS services you just installed
(/etc/resolv.conf on Linux, "TCP/IP Properties:DNS Configuration" in Windows)

That _should_ be all you need.

(I welcome any corrections from people who REALLY know these subjects)


Calvin Dodge
Certified Linux Bigot

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