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Jim Buzbee James.Buzbee at echostar.com
Thu Feb 10 09:13:50 MST 2000

Centuries ago Nostradamus foresaw of a time when Moore, Kevin L would write:
>Hi Folks,
>	I just upgraded my laptop from RH6.0 to RH6.1. The upgrade messed up
>my networking and it can't find eth0. The pcmcia module is loading and the
>the NIC module (xirc2ps_cs)  is loading. Eth0 is aliased to the correct
>module in conf.modules. When the machine boots, I get the message "Delaying
>eth0 initialization" and it fails. If I try to bring it up with ifconfig, it
>says the device can't be found. This didn't happen with the upgrade from 5.2
>->6.0. Any ideas? Need anymore info? Thanks......Kevin 

This probably isn't any help, but I just installed 6.1 on my Libretto palmtop
and the pcmcia networking is working fine.  The boot sequence starts like
yours, I get the initial "eth0 fail" followed by the "Delaying" message (pcmcia
isn't up yet).  When pcmcia starts up, I hear the familiar "beep" and by
the time I log in, networking is up.  My first thought would be that the driver
for your card is no longer xirc2ps_cs, but that's just a WAG...


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