[lug] Presentations and Newbie How-To's

Wayde Allen wallen at boulder.nist.gov
Thu Feb 10 14:23:01 MST 2000

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Kevin King wrote:

> I'd like to second that, and add Samba and Apache configuration to
> the equation.  Being a newbie to the group, my apologies if these
> topics have been covered, but this would certainly be valuable for
> me.

NIST is now using a Linux based system to monitor hacker attacks on our
network.  I was talking with our network security people a couple weeks
ago about the possibility of a presentation.  If I see Kevin Fenzi tonight
I'll also ask him if he'd be interested in repeating his presentation. 

Of course as far as security How-To's go, a good place to check is Kevin's
Security How-To itself.  There may be several links to this, but the one
on the BLUG web site is
http://metalab.unc.edu/mdw/HOWTO/Security-HOWTO.html.  If you have trouble
reading the How-To remember that Kevin is a subscriber to the list.  Post
your questions, and I'm reasonably certain you'll get an answer.  He would
probably be interested in knowing if there are passages that need to be

Lynn Danielson has given us a presentation on Samba before, and we might
be able to talk him into coming back?  Is there anyone else who would be
willing to give a presentation on setting up Samba? 

I don't recall anyone talking specifically about Apache configuration, but
surely there is someone out there who has done this.  Any volunteers?

Other possible presentations I've been working on are:

     SGML   - ? (So far no reply)
     History of Computing - Ralf Slutz (He is a retired NBS/NIST engineer
                                        who was one of the first
                                        engineers hired by Von Neumann.
                                        I've asked him to put together a
                                        talk about his experiences in the
                                        early days of computing.)
     More on Linux Certification    - Mike McAllister
     GIMP and graphics under Linux  - Michael Hammel

     MRTG which is an SNMP graph program - George Sexton

     The NOAA Beowolf System - ? (I've been asking around)

If anyone out there has something that they are doing with Linux and would
like to give us a presentation let me know.  We've done lots of different
things over the years.  How about a show and tell night of "My favorite
Linux Application"?  Also like I said before, I'd really like to find
someone who would be willing to talk about the boot process and the login
scripts.  I'd also be interested in a presentation on e-mail
configuration - any takers?

- Wayde
  (wallen at boulder.nist.gov)

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