[lug] Presentations and Newbie How-To's

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Thu Feb 10 13:26:06 MST 2000

>>>>> "Wayde" == Wayde Allen <wallen at boulder.nist.gov> writes:

Wayde> On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Kevin King wrote:
>> I'd like to second that, and add Samba and Apache configuration to
>> the equation.  Being a newbie to the group, my apologies if these
>> topics have been covered, but this would certainly be valuable for
>> me.

Wayde> NIST is now using a Linux based system to monitor hacker
Wayde> attacks on our network.  I was talking with our network
Wayde> security people a couple weeks ago about the possibility of a
Wayde> presentation.  If I see Kevin Fenzi tonight I'll also ask him
Wayde> if he'd be interested in repeating his presentation.

I could do that... 

Wayde> Of course as far as security How-To's go, a good place to check
Wayde> is Kevin's Security How-To itself.  There may be several links
Wayde> to this, but the one on the BLUG web site is
Wayde> http://metalab.unc.edu/mdw/HOWTO/Security-HOWTO.html.  If you
Wayde> have trouble reading the How-To remember that Kevin is a
Wayde> subscriber to the list.  Post your questions, and I'm
Wayde> reasonably certain you'll get an answer.  He would probably be
Wayde> interested in knowing if there are passages that need to be
Wayde> clarified.

thanks for the plug. ;) 
I am also working on an update/re-write on the HOWTO right now, so any
comments and requests for clarification would be particularly
welcome. :) 

Wayde> ...snipp...
Wayde> If anyone out there has something that they are doing with
Wayde> Linux and would like to give us a presentation let me know.
Wayde> We've done lots of different things over the years.  How about
Wayde> a show and tell night of "My favorite Linux Application"?  Also

That would be a good one. If we can get about 5-10 people to bring a
machine and show off something it might work well. Since everyone
could circulate around and look at each one in turn, it might avoid
the "only a few people can get in for hands on" problem...

Wayde> ...snipp...
Wayde> - Wayde
Wayde>   (wallen at boulder.nist.gov)

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