CLUE: Re: [lug] Re: Newbie how-to's

Wayde Allen wallen at
Thu Feb 10 17:31:30 MST 2000

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, winrip wrote:

> Well how about instead of having a newbie list, setup a central repository for
> past newbie columns on a joint site, this way the new guys that have basic
> questions can look there first. When I came to BLUG I had no idea about how to
> use the list archive. So maybe a simple page that just lists links to each column
> by title or by content, this way it saves you and other list ops from having to
> re-run the columns, and saves the newbie from having to search for something in
> the list archive not knowing exactly how to word something or what they are
> looking for.

That has already been suggested by several people.  

To that end, Ryan Kirkpatrick has already begun to put together a
collection of these articles for use in a lab at his University.  He has
cleaned them up using Lyx and Xfig and converted the collection to a pdf
file.  You can get a copy from the BLUG site <> by
clicking on the "Newbie Doc (PDF format)" link. 

- Wayde
  (wallen at

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