[lug] Drag and Drop in Gnome

Hal Levison hal at gort.boulder.swri.edu
Fri Feb 11 11:02:15 MST 2000

Hi Everyone:

I am new to the list and am trying to come up to speed with Gnome.  I
have been using a HP-UX machine running HP view and  a Linux machine
running CDE.  I am retiring the HP machine machine and upgrading my
Linux to Red Hat 6.1, which as I understand it, does not support CDE.

So, I am trying to use Gnome and translate the my CDE customization to
it.  I have a question.  Under CDE I have several applications on the
front panel which use drag and drop.  In other words, I can take a
data file and drag it to a front-panel application that I wrote (a
shell script) and get the application to run on the data file.  I
can't seem to get Gnome to do that.   Any ideas?

Hal Levison       
Space Studies Department          hal at gort.boulder.swri.edu
Southwest Research Institute      (WWW) http://www.boulder.swri.edu
1050 Walnut St, Suite 426         (303) 546-0290 
Boulder, CO  80302           Fax: (303) 546-9687

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