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Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Fri Feb 11 12:05:21 MST 2000

Thus spoke Wayde Allen
> I've recently been playing around with an old Palmpilot III that was
> kicking around our office.  Any suggestions for Linux software to use with
> this thing?  I've been experimenting with the programs in the Pilot-Link
> package and xcopilot, but have been having permissions problems, not to
> mention that the documentation for these programs appears to be relatively
> non-existent.
> Has anyone ever installed the Linux port to the palmpilot?    


My XNotesPlus package uses Pilot-Link as a backend and provides a graphical
front end for doing backups, syncing, uploading memos into xnotes, xnotes
into memos, and downloading the pilots address database with a facility for
viewing addresses that pretty much works like the Pilots.  There are both
Gtk and Motif versions.  You just edit the config.h file to determine which
one you want to build.

There is plenty of documentation with XNotesPlus, including info on how to
set up your system to work with Pilot-Link.  It's pretty easy actually -
just install and set a couple of environment variables.  The serial port
needs to be rw for your user or group.
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