[lug] HotJava and Linux

Eric A. Kihn eak at ngdc.noaa.gov
Fri Feb 11 13:46:06 MST 2000



    Has anyone out there gotten HotJava 3.0 installed under RH linux?  I was glad to
see that Sun "supports" Linux now but after install I get a splash screen and then:

[root at norb HotJava]# hotjava
[root at norb HotJava]# [[[ Failed to load scripting engine ]]]
Running the browser without SSL Manager
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unable to find a .bdtd file
        at sunw.hotjava.ui.HotList.createDTD(Compiled Code)
        at sunw.hotjava.ui.HotList.<init>(Compiled Code)
        at sunw.hotjava.ui.HotList.getHotList(Compiled Code)
        at sunw.hotjava.HJFrame.setShowMenus(Compiled Code)
        at sunw.hotjava.HJFrame.setupFrame(Compiled Code)
        at sunw.hotjava.HJFrame.<init>(Compiled Code)
        at sunw.hotjava.HJWindowManager.createFrame(Compiled Code)
        at sunw.hotjava.Main.main(Compiled Code)

And it's true I can't find a .bdtd on my box.  I suppose support doesn't necessarily
mean you have a Linux box in-house :).

Thanks as usual.
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