[lug] gnome nxterm question

Gary Hodges hodges at srrb.noaa.gov
Fri Feb 11 13:48:46 MST 2000

Good idea Hugh, but that wasn't it.  I just finished messing around 
with nxterm some more, and now have it working as it always was.  Not 
sure why though...

I first typed <nxterm -help>, and started trying out all the options.  
When I got to -name, the window size changed back to 80x25.  I then 
edited my launcher to use the option -name instead of -T, and it worked 
as always.  I was even able to use the geometry command.  I suppose there 
is a good explanation for all this, but since its working again, I'm on 
to different things...  Like work...


On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Hugh Brown wrote:

> Look in your .Xresources or .Xdefaults I can't remember which.  See if
> there is a comment about xterm geometry in there.
> Gary Hodges wrote:
> > 
> > I have a launcher for nxterm on my gnome panel.  Since many moons ago, it
> > would launch nxterms with a default geometry of 80x30 (30 is an estimate).
> > I was just playing around with some of the gnome and enlightenment
> > configuration tools, e.g. themes and backgrounds, and now my nxterm
> > windows launch as 133x33.  Even if I try to force the geometry to
> > something else, they still launch as 133x33.  What in the world is going
> > on?  xterm still works as expected.  That's all the data I have...

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