[lug] another newbie HOWTO suggestion

Gary Hodges hodges at srrb.noaa.gov
Fri Feb 11 14:07:34 MST 2000

Since I'm more of a Linux user than tinkerer, I'll probably always be a 
newbie.  Once I get my set-up going, I tend to leave it as is unless I 
have to change something, or I feel like upgrading.  That's one of the 
things I really like about this OS.  It just works (notwithstanding my 
recent nxterm experience).  On to my suggestion...

One of the things I've made very little use of, and probably should make 
more use of is the .Xdefaults file.  Thanks to Hugh for bringing this up 
in his reply to me RE: nxterm.  As a relative beginner, I know that it is 
not altogether clear what goes in the .Xdefaults file from the man pages 
of the various applications.

I see this as a pretty basic Linux/Unix system config item that more 
folks would make use of if they just knew _how_ to make use of it, e.g 
the connection between man page entries and what goes in .Xdefaults.  It 
shouldn't be a very long HOWTO doc either.

...I just scanned XWindow-User-HOWTO, and section 8.4 does cover the 
.Xdefaults file, but I still think a little something could be written up.


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