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Ralf Mattes rm at ns.aura.de
Fri Feb 11 14:13:32 MST 2000

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Nate Duehr wrote:


> Faxing could be interesting to get working -- I've not seen many clean
> fax installations that interoperated between OS's very well.  You might
> be in for a surprise that the existing hardware may not work either,
> depending on what you're using.

If you install the HylaFax server software on the Linux side
faxing should be smooth. There's a nice Windows client for 
Hylafax (as long as there's something like a nice Windows client ;-)
I don't have the URL at hand but if you can't find any reference
i could mail you the software. We use the HylaFax server on one
of our products (Internet gateway and proxy server) and hardly
ever had problems (the only problem i recall was a strange
routing problem of NT based routers).

> Winproxy could be replaced in two blinks of one eye, however.  :)

Not hard ar all. The tricky part is running a mixed envirnoment
where you can't get rid of the NT servers and have to deal with
Windows domains and password syncronization--a real mess on both


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