[lug] gnome nxterm question

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Fri Feb 11 14:16:30 MST 2000

Did you do an irish jig and tap your machine twice with a chopstick?

gotta love fixing things by doing what seems to be unrelated tinkering.

and we wonder why people think computers are magical.


> Good idea Hugh, but that wasn't it.  I just finished messing around 
> with nxterm some more, and now have it working as it always was.  Not 
> sure why though...
> I first typed <nxterm -help>, and started trying out all the options.  
> When I got to -name, the window size changed back to 80x25.  I then 
> edited my launcher to use the option -name instead of -T, and it worked 
> as always.  I was even able to use the geometry command.  I suppose there 
> is a good explanation for all this, but since its working again, I'm on 
> to different things...  Like work...
> Gary

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