[lug] another newbie HOWTO suggestion

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Fri Feb 11 14:25:54 MST 2000

Thus spoke Gary Hodges
> One of the things I've made very little use of, and probably should make 
> more use of is the .Xdefaults file.  Thanks to Hugh for bringing this up 
> in his reply to me RE: nxterm.  As a relative beginner, I know that it is 
> not altogether clear what goes in the .Xdefaults file from the man pages 
> of the various applications.
> ...I just scanned XWindow-User-HOWTO, and section 8.4 does cover the 
> .Xdefaults file, but I still think a little something could be written up.

Skip the howto's if you want to learn about configuring X in general.  The
best book for this is OReilly's "X Window System User's Guide", number 3 of
their series on the X Window System.  This is the book that explains what
users need to know about X, and, many many years ago, its where I got

Understand whats in this book, and you'll understand X applications in
general much better.
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