[lug] another newbie HOWTO suggestion

Ralf Mattes rm at ns.aura.de
Fri Feb 11 18:03:32 MST 2000

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Michael J. Hammel wrote:

> .Xdefaults doesn't just provide themeing, it provides a mechanism for
> providing state information - initial files to load, default directories,
> email addresses, all sorts of internal information.  The X resource
> database is used to parse an applications defaults file to get this info
> into a program.  Themes, as they stand now, don't do this.  They just
> provide an interface to the visual display mechanisms.  
> Many applications, my own included, use their own configuration files
> instead of xdefaults in order to provide cross platform support.  But I
> still prefer to use xrdb (x resource database) tools where possible.

Ok, i think i haven't made my point clear. Of course Themes alone won't
substitute for the xrdb, but looking at my GNUstep directory i find
quite a bit of state. The more the two mayor players in the Linux desktop 
field get established, the more app-state will be kept by those 
desktop applications. Since these applications sit 'on top' of X 
their settings will override the settings in the xrdb, or have i got
this part wrong.


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