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Ryan Kirkpatrick rkirkpat at
Sat Feb 12 20:40:27 MST 2000

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Wayde Allen wrote:

> To that end, Ryan Kirkpatrick has already begun to put together a
> collection of these articles for use in a lab at his University.  He has
> cleaned them up using Lyx and Xfig and converted the collection to a pdf
> file.  You can get a copy from the BLUG site <> by
> clicking on the "Newbie Doc (PDF format)" link. 

	And I will keep adding any additional "newbie columns" that are
posted to the BLUG list (only one I am subscribed to) and email the
resulting PDF to Wayde as I get a chance. As for the remainder of the
documents I am writing, they will appear on my web site (see URL below) in
probably about a week (they still need some more work).
	I am also working on finding a suitable method for converting lyx
files to HTML. I have tried a number of latex to html converters, but they
often have a rough time with lyx generated latex. Latex2HTML looks the
most promising, just haven't had time yet to play with all of the options
adaquately to get good output. Once I do, will put up HTML versions as
	The other documents I am writing are a Networks CS course here at
school, and are aimed at a second or third year CS student with a decent
computer background, but minimal, if any Linux/Unix background. So, they
aren't how to use a computer documents, they are how to use Linux, given
that you have a decent understanding of computers. To do otherwise is
outside the scope of my efforts. :)

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