[lug] vi/vim again w/ Star Office.......

John Edwards harkerii at sprintmail.com
Sun Feb 13 20:27:41 MST 2000

At 12:32 AM 2/13/00 GMT, you wrote:
>Excuse me for jumping in, this is a little sidetracked....
>I know this is about emacs and vi, but noone ever mentions StarOffice. 
>Just curious, I'm a newbie, how many people are using StarOffice. I 
>just started using it on mine and my girlfriend's Linux boxes. But a 
>friend of mine told me it wouldn't be worth my time. 
>I realize the command-line vs. GUI difference, but is X-windows really 
>that rare among users?? I'm learning C++ right now so command-line is 
>great for that but I prefer GUI (especially Soffice) for everyday 

	Star Office is a great tool, providing you need it all.
	It is a complete office suite, much like Microsoft's Office suite of
applications (of course, you already know that much).  There are other
tools available for you to use, if you don't need all of it, or only need a
few things.
	One thing it does do, that I like, in particular, is the email client (and
news, but it doesn't support password login to the news server, which makes
it useless to me) as well as web browsing.  I personally can not stand
Netscape and won't use it unless there is no other option.
	One thing that Star Office is good for, is that you can open and read
Microsoft Office files (with the probable exception of 2000 files, but I'm
certain that will be built in soon)  You are not forced to use Windows just
to keep current.

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