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Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Sun Feb 13 23:07:03 MST 2000

On Sun, Feb 13, 2000 at 12:32:11AM +0000, jstarkey at polaris.umuc.edu wrote:
> Excuse me for jumping in, this is a little sidetracked....

No problem!

<small snip...>

> I realize the command-line vs. GUI difference, but is X-windows really 
> that rare among users??  

<Another small snip...>

I have quite a few servers at work that would NEVER have X loaded on
them... but with vi and a little ingenuity, I can get everything I need
to accomplish done on them, just fine.  Add mutt, or something similar
(to a home machine that's too old and slow to run X) and I can get mail
and do the vast majority of my day's work without ever having to load
X... and mutt on even a 486 is VERY fast. 

The only time I really need X anyway is to : 

1. Open all the )(&*@$@*(%& file attachments everyone at work sends out
to say things like ... "Go to 13th and Cherokee".  (This is the hidden
"cookie" in this message... Pint's Pub in South Downtown Denver is great!)

2. To play Q3, after getting enough motivation from the last BLUG
meeting to run home, fiddle with Glide/Mesa for two hours... and
VOILA... very very cool.  Thanks for the overview guys!  I'm definitely
buying UT (to vote with MY dollars too...) tomorrow.  Q3's easily 15%
faster (by guess, not by metrics) in Linux vs. Win98.  And the new
Voodoo3 card makes for a wonderful viewing experience!

3. Run GAIM.  Yeah, I've gotten hooked on instant messaging.
"BigNateCO" if anyone's interested.  :)

4. Run gcombust... to burn CDROM's.  Of course, it's just a front-end
to various CDROM burning tools that work just fine at the command-line
so just convienience more than anything, here.  BTW, The "printing
press" will be busy with more Debian CD's as soon as potato/frozen 
becomes released.  I'll try to bring some to the meetings.

5. Run Netscape... um, er... a graphical web-browser.  But I still find
lynx fast and useful for some things.

At least three of these items have text-based counterparts, and I'm sure
there's really little I couldn't do on a non-X machine that I do today
if I looked around hard enough.  Or hacked apart someone else's
gui-based program to make it text-based.  (The joy of "free" software!)

So if anyone read this far... I am looking for one thing: A good fairly
easy way to make custom CDROM labels.  I have a Win-based program that
makes gorgeous lables and is completely brain-dead to operate.  My dog
and/or cat (your preference) could run this thing.  Anything even close
out there for Linux?  (A Gimp plug-in for the graphically impaired,

Cheers, all.  
Nate Duehr <nate at natetech.com>

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