[lug] "ALL: PARANOID" in /etc/hosts.deny

M Katherine Pagoaga pagoaga at boulder.nist.gov
Mon Feb 28 09:02:32 MST 2000

"McIllece, Matthew W" wrote:
> That's pretty slick!  Does hosts_access automatically fill in the IP address
> for %a and the port number for %d?

Yes.  In the hosts_access man page you will see that there are several other
expansions that can be used.  I tried them all and these were the ones I settled
on.  The only other one which might be of interest is %p which gives the pid.
> Does the PARANOID setting not work with the new format?  Why didn't you use
> it?

I hadn't tried it up until now.  We are behind a firewall, so I didn't work with
it for our internal clients to talk to each other.  My version of tcp_wrappers
has paranoid on and the makefile documentation says it will work.  I just
replaced the second ALL with PARANOID it on my personal machine and it lets the
rpc request from a disallowed machine through without a warning e-mail message. 
I would probably have to work with it more to see what the problem is.
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