[lug] More free to good home (there is a catch)

winrip winrip at speakeasy.org
Thu Mar 2 01:09:30 MST 2000

 I have the following free to good home. However, all must be taken as a whole.

Ok that said lets get down to listing stuff.

1 NCD Terminal   works got it from Kevin.
1 Sun ELC          work also got this from Kevin
1 NEC eq/amp fits a 5 1/4" bay w/ speakers, connects to sound card (working)
1 OLD 286 w/ old 12" monitor         unknown status
1 Packard Bell Legend 610 486       stripped (worked before I took a few parts
1 Compaq Deskpro 466 (486) 24MB Ram has small HD but has Rh 6.1, w/3com Nic 
1 small box Misc cables (Power, IDE, floppy, USB, etc...)
1 Case fan 4 or 5 inch ( I didn't want to measure)  looks new
1 Seagate SCSI 2GB Barracuda      status Unknown
1 four gang KMV switch (it is a manual but it does work) w/ cables
4 Misc 17" Monitors non working condition. 
1 Socket7 Opti Viper Mother Board     Status unknown
1 MicroCom 28.8 External Modem    Works needs cable
1 AT power supply     Appears new but I don't remeber if I have in fact used it
1 OLD Cirus Logic VLB video card with 1MB 
1 Intel Pentium 133 CPU    I believe it is good and working.
1 NE compat NIC  Status unknown but I think I bought this less than a year ago

And anything else I find while I clean this place up... and if my DSL is in
before I get rid of this stuff I'll throw in my external 56K modem.
 Email me off of the list ...

Chip, did I give you that other 486? if so call me so I can get that compuLink
box to you.


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