[lug] Newbie Needs Help with dual-boot Install

Jeff Howell howeljs at louisville.stortek.com
Fri Mar 3 08:27:54 MST 2000

David_G_Cole at notes.seagate.com wrote:
> I've sunk a few (or more) hours into attempting to make a dual-boot PC with
> approximately equal size partitions for Linux (RedHat 6.1) and Win98. I've
> gotten close,
> but ultimately all I have to show for it is a Win98 machine and a lot of notes.
> Would someone be willing to lend a hand, by phone or in person, for
> an hour or two?  I can compensate you: my wife Beth makes world-class chocolate
> truffles, or if you prefer cold hard cash we can talk...

I can't think of anybody on this list that would require cash to help with
like this. But I don't think anyone would turn down truff;es or fermented grain
beverages ;)

If you're in the boulder/louisville/broomfield area, I'd be glad to help out.
303 673 5711.

 Jeff Howell
 EDS Unix Support
For more information:
perl -e 'print $i=pack(c5,(41*2),sqrt(7056),(unpack(c,H)-2),oct(115),10);'

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