[lug] X server

Justin glowecon at netscape.net
Fri Mar 3 18:14:13 MST 2000

Hello, I have an odd question about my redhat X server and the X server on my
slack7 box. It concerns memory usage by each. On my redhat box I have a 2mb S3
virge video card running the S3 Xserver. When I run 'top' on this box X shows
a memory usage of ~15%. Now, on the slackware box I have a 16mb Riva tnt video
card running the SVGA Xserver. When I run 'top' on this machine, however, it
shows memory usage for X at about ~45-50%. Obviously this is hogging entirely
too much memory. Could this because I haven't loaded any Riva tnt specific
drivers yet for the video card? The version of the xserver maybe?? Thanks
ahead for any help 


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