[lug] cable modem in the Tech Center

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Sun Mar 5 19:41:44 MST 2000

It looks like I'm going to be getting a cable modem.  I don't know anything
about these other than they work on a shared local network design, ie there
are a group of people in my area that technically have access to my box all
the time.  So, I need to know a few things.

1. Who provides such access?
2. What are the costs?
3. What equipment do I need?  I have thinnet at home (yes, 10 year old 8
   bit 3Com and WD cards running on thinnet coaxial cable).  Any problems
   with hooking that with the cable hookup?
4. What security precautions should I take?  Should I get a firewall box?
5. How difficult will it be to move the service when I move from my
   apartment into a house later this year?
6. Are there kernel requirements?  I currently run RH5.2 on my main box,
   but I'm getting another box that I can load anything on.  I'll probably run
   KRUD, but I still want to know what OS requirements might exist for using
   cable modems.

Thats it for a start.  I don't currently have TV cable installed (what a
waste of money *that* is), but the connections are available in my
apartment.  Anyone down in the Tech Center that wants to help me get it
running, let me know.  There may be a free Thai lunch in it for you (though
it will be a while before I do this - the new hardware won't be delivered
for a week or two at least).

I'll save everyone the trouble of asking - I'll document my trials and
tribulations and write something up for either my web site or another news
site and let you know when its online.
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