[lug] Active Server Pages for Linux! (fwd)

Wayde Allen wallen at boulder.nist.gov
Mon Mar 6 09:26:49 MST 2000

I seem to get a lot of these kinds of adds these days, and never quite
know whether it is reasonable to forward it on to the list or not?  So, I
guess it depends on my mood when I read them <grin>.

- Wayde
  (wallen at boulder.nist.gov)

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Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 12:42:38 -0800 
From: Charlie Parks <charliep at chilisoft.com>
To: "'wallen at boulder.nist.gov'" <wallen at boulder.nist.gov>
Subject: Active Server Pages for Linux!

Hello Wayde,

Chili!Soft is pleased to announce that our long awaited release of ASP for
Linux Redhat 6.0 and 6.1 is finally here!  Your existing server-side ASP
script will be compatible with Chili!Soft ASP in the Linux environment.  

Home page:

Below are some of the advantages to running your ASP on Redhat Linux:

*	You can take advantage of your existing staff (ASP developers,
Visual Basic programmers etc.)
*	Better performance and stability - Chili!Soft ASP Linux will be able
run in multi-threaded mode 
*	You can leverage your existing resources and personnel using a
scripting language that is ubiquitous.
*	Chili!Soft will include ODBC drivers for most major databases -
Oracle, MySQL, Infomix, Sybase, etc.
*	Chili!Soft will also include drivers for connecting into Microsoft
SQL Server and Access database files residing on NT.
*	Compatible server-side scripting languages - Chili!Soft licenses the
VB and Jscript engines from Microsoft
*	Chili!Soft supports all the intrinsic objects of Microsoft ASP
(Request, Response, Session, Application and Server)
*	ASP is a more mature, field-tested platform
*	Chili!Soft win run natively to Linux Redhat 6.0 OS - this will make
it extremely fast!

Our final release (GA) will be released Monday, March 6th.  Chili!Soft ASP
for Linx is priced at $995 for a 1 to 4 CPU license, but from now until
March 31st, 2000, you can purchase our for the introductory 50% off price of
$495.  Please contact me at charliep at chilisoft.com

Thank you in advance for forwarding this e-mail to the BoulderLinux User
Group's members.

Best regards,

Charlie Parks
Account Manager
Chili!Soft, Inc.
Tel: (425) 372-1707
Fax: (425) 562-9565
e-mail: charliep at chilisoft.com

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