[lug] photo editor

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Mon Mar 6 10:42:33 MST 2000

Hugh Brown wrote:
> What's everyone's favorite photo editor for Linux.  Specifically, I need
> something to get rid of some red-eye on a few photos.  I have tried
> gphoto but it just crashes if I try and open an image.  I have tried
> compupic which looks too much like a windows app and doesn't seem to
> have any functionality that gimp doesn't already have.  I can't get to

It's true that Compupic has less functionality - it was designed that way. 
Their intention was to make a program which would quickly do what _most_ people
want to do with photos (crop, resize, adjust colors, sort and arrange photos
quickly), rather than a gimp-style program.  My mother especially enjoys the
directory view, which displays thumbnails of the pictures, and lets her zero in
on what she wants to change, move or delete.

For _those_ purposes Compupic does seem easier and faster to use than the
alternatives I've seen.

It's free for personal use on Linux, and my mother likes it enough that she
paid $50 to register the Windows version.  For her the "looks too much like a
windows app" is OK, as long as it doesn't "crash like a Windows app".

No - it's not Open Source, but my mother will gladly use it until something
better FOR HER PURPOSES comes along (now that her Linux box is up to running X
quickly, we'll try to wean her off Photoshop).


Calvin Dodge
Certified Linux Bigot

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