[lug] no cable access, what about DSL?

David_G_Cole at notes.seagate.com David_G_Cole at notes.seagate.com
Tue Mar 7 17:37:05 MST 2000

I got DSL through USWest a few months ago and it is nice, though getting it was
beaurocratic nightmare with USWest. They really are the biggest bunch of
Anyhow, you will need to be within about 10,000 feet (by wire, not by crow) of
your telephone
"central office" or switching point. Even then you will not be guaranteed
adequate line quality
to support the DSL data rates. Them ol' copper phone lines were never designed
for this.
USWest can tell you your line status, or I think you can check for yourself on
their web site.
Then you need a DSL modem and of course a driver for it. The DSL modem is simply
type of modem. It operates in a higher frequency range, well above audio -
although not
perfrectly so or you wouldn't need those filters. Because it does not interact
directly with the
phone line you can have a permanently connected line.  USWest charges more for
this than
for a connect-when-needed line, but the difference is only in access to
bandwith, not in diailing
vs. non-dialing.
As for not supporting Linux, I'm not surprised - 95% of the installs will
probably be on Win98
machines (and 2% Mac). You may be able to get a Linux driver from the modem
I'm about to dive into this ; I'll let you know what I find. I'm using the Intel
internal modem that USWest
offered on their promotions. The promos aren't a bad deal by, the way: free
"installation" of your
modem and free modem. They still charge an activation fee, however.



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