[lug] no cable access, what about DSL?

Jason Vallery vallery at colorado.edu
Tue Mar 7 18:18:43 MST 2000

> I'm about to dive into this ; I'll let you know what I find. I'm using
>the  Intel  internal modem that USWest offered on their promotions.

When I first signed on with uswest's DSL service. (Almost 2 years ago) They
offered me an external Cisco 675 router (which at that time was actually
made by a company called Netspeed). Anyways, with the external router all
you need is any ethernet card. (They supplied me with a 3c905 card). So
getting Linux to work with it was as simple as configuring any other
network. I do however have a static IP form Front Range Internet so I never
got to deal with the wonders of DHCP.

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