[lug] A new teaching/demonstration tool

B O'Fallon bof at americanisp.net
Wed Mar 8 08:44:15 MST 2000

This might be of interest to anyone who teaches or gives demonstrations
using a computer.

A new teaching tool called Viewlets is now available. Viewlets are Java
applets that run in a web browser and give animated demonstrations.
They produce a very compact movie file which plays in the browser,
on any platform, without a plug-in. I have seen these used by on-line
teaching companies, such as CBT, but to use them involved downloading
a large executable player. Viewlets run directly off the web and can be
incorporated into a web site.

There is more information and a demo at the inventors site:


A Linux specific demo (installing Red Hat) can be seen here:


More info on the entire project for Linux subjects, along with what is
to be written and a solication for authors is here:


These sites also have links that lead to other demonstrations and more

B. O'Fallon
bof at americanisp.net

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