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Subject: CLUE-Talk: Your Attention Please, Linux Group forming....

Greetings to the Linux Community,

I want to thank the members of Clue-talk for all their help.  I would also 
like to thank Jeff Cann, who I owe an apology to for getting carried away 
with the last correspondence we had.  Another fellow student (Dave) and I 
were frustrated with the fact that the Clue-talk (install-fest) was so far 
away.  Both of us could not make it out there.  So, in frustration I decided 
to start a club here on the campus.  Unbeknownst to me Dave was starting 
another club on campus.  It was Jeff who introduced Dave and I via email.  If 
he hadn't done that, we probably would have never meet until much later.  
Thank you again Jeff!  I sure did jump the gun there....  After dealing with 
windows98 for six months it can make a person go crazy.....

Now on another note....Are group is going to meet this Sunday between 4pm-9pm.
We are looking for a few good people that know Linux well, to show us newbies 
how to install Linux.  If there are any individuals interested in helping out 
please contact me at <AsignarV at aol.com>.  Yes, I have AOL, but that will 
change soon when I have Linux installed.

Also, for those individuals that I have already contacted and for anyone else 
that is interested in joining please contact me so that I will have a 
complete list by the end of this week.  I want to make sure I get a hold of 
all interested parties.

One of our primary goals is to promote Linux as well as help students use 
Linux for the first time.  Another interest is to discuss the latest software 
and technology for Linux.  It is my hope, that we get the faculty interested 
in using Linux.  I figure that if enough students start asking about Linux, 
the powers that be will be forced in making a change.  We know they wont do 
it, if no one speaks out.  I would also like to encourage any individual to 
pursue developing software or hardware with all the resources that our club 
has at it's disposal.  This means that we would provide the computers and 
people power to help the individual reach their goals.  In short, this is a 
place for people to exchange ideas freely and for the pursuit of knowledge.

Again I thank you all,


"Knowledge is power"

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