[lug] Reminder: CLIQ LUG Participation (fwd)

Wayde Allen wallen at boulder.nist.gov
Thu Mar 9 09:13:38 MST 2000

I was hoping we'd have started at least some discussion about what the
BLUG would like to do for our booth at the CLIQ by now.  So far ... 

I've attached the e-mail that I've received from the CLIQ administrative
group below so you all can see what we've got to work with.  Doesn't
anyone want to work on this?  Perhaps we can discuss some of this at
tonights meeting?

- Wayde
  (wallen at boulder.nist.gov)

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Subject: Reminder: CLIQ LUG Participation


Last week, I sent everyone an invitation for your LUG to participate in the Colorado
Linux Info Quest (CLIQ).  This note is to remind you that we would like your list of
LUG booth volunteers by 15 March 2000 (7 days).

CLIQ is a one day Linux Expo to be held on April 1, 2000 in the Marriot Hotel in the
Denver Tech Center.  For more general information about CLIQ, visit

Please contact me via email <jccann at thecliq.org> or by phone 303 359 0806 if you have

Jeffery Cann
jccann at thecliq.org

The original email about LUG's participation in CLIQ follows:


My name is Jeffery Cann.  I am the LUG coordinator for the Colorado Linux Info
Quest (CLIQ).  CLIQ is a one day Linux Expo to be held on April 1, 2000 in the
Marriot Hotel in the Denver Tech Center.  For more general information about CLIQ,
visit http://www.cliq.org.  The CLIQ coordinators have been working for several
months and they estimate the CLIQ attendance to be about 600 people.

I am contacting you because we have reserved exhibit hall booths for the Colorado
Linux User Groups (LUGs).  The following LUGs have reserved space:

    BLUG - Boulder Linux Users Group (Boulder)
    CLUE - Colorado Linux Users and Enthusiasts (Denver)
    DU LUG - University of Denver Linux Users Group (Denver)
    GLUG - Greeley Linux Users Group (Greeley)
    PPLUG - Pikes Peak Linux Users Group (Colorado Springs)
    NCLUG - Northern Colorado Linux Users Group (Ft. Collins)

This is your opportunity to promote your LUG as these reserved exhibit hall booths
are free for LUGs.  Well, not really 'free', here are the guidelines.  Each LUG,
in order to be officially represented:

0)  All LUG members who work the booth get in free to the show.
1)  Minimum of 3 volunteers per LUG for booth duty.
2)  Maximum of 4 volunteers per LUG for booth duty.
3)  2 volunteers per LUG must remain in the booth at all times
     (that gives each of them a little time to wander around and take in the
exhibit or a talk).
4)  Confirmation deadline:  15 March 2000.  You must send the names of your LUG
volunteers to me by this date!

The 4 members of your LUG will not have to pay any entrance fees.  This is why we
must limit the number to 4 volunteers per LUG.

Your LUG can display whatever you want - demos of products, distributions,
desktops, or maybe just put up a banner with your name and provide
handouts with contact information.  CLIQ doesn't have a budget for printing
banners or handouts for the LUGs so they should assume they will have to pay for
those and arrange to have those made.  If we get close to the event and we have
extra money, we will try to reimburse you.  We cannot guarantee that you will
receive any reimbursement.  However, if you have special banners made, please save
receipts just in case.

So, the time is now to recruit 4 members from your LUG and mark April 1, 2000 on
your calendar for the CLIQ!

Also, note that the CONFIRMATION DEADLINE is 15 March 2000!  Please send the names
of your 3 or 4 volunteers to me by this date.

Please contact me via if you have questions.  You may also reach me at 303 359

I look forward to everyone's participation.  Let's show Colorado and the Linux
Community the strength of the Linux User Groups in Colorado.

Jeffery Cann

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