[lug] uploading files via Apache/html

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Sat Mar 11 00:54:23 MST 2000

>>>>> "Hugh" == Hugh Brown <hugh at math.byu.edu> writes:

Hugh> I recently set up a family website and I want family members to
Hugh> be able to upload files w/o having to have an account on the
Hugh> webserver.  I have used the html to create the form properly,
Hugh> but I am having a hard time capturing the data that is
Hugh> "uploaded."  Can anyone point me to a resource for writing the
Hugh> uploaded files to disk on the webserver?

please note that this is an Apache HTTPD FAQ:


(although the main web page is buggered up somehow right now, the
links are hosed).

this answer redirects you to an Apache Week article:


which should answer your questions.  as efm points out, CGI.pm is
capable of handling PUT requests; there are also dedicated handlers
that might do things like look in /etc/passwd (convenient but bad) or
similar places, which might spare you the effort of doing your own
authentication.  (then again, <Limit PUT> \n require valid-user
</Limit> might do it quite trivially.  dunno, as i have FTP, ssh, or
shell access everywhere i care to publish...)

good luck,

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