[lug] Memory?

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Sun Mar 12 19:05:00 MST 2000

"Robert L. Harris" wrote:
> I have 3 DIMMS I'm trying to sell.  I got them in a trade and I can't use
> them.  One of the notches seems off just a bit and I don't think shoving

If the notch is "off" then it's a different variety of DIMM - unbuffered DIMMs'
notches are slightly closer to the center of the DIMM than buffered ones'

> At any rate, I know they're 256Meg EDO dimms.  I'm trying to find specs
> on them but I can't find a match at memory.com....  Any suggestions?

Have you tried hunting for for the chip model number at www.google.com?


Calvin Dodge
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