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Elizabeth O. Coolbaugh cool at eklektix.com
Mon Mar 13 14:39:16 MST 2000

You can take a look at Jon's opinions on these two books, if you wish.
His last review covered both of them:


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On Mon, Mar 13, 2000 at 02:32:52PM -0700, Michael Deck wrote:
> I was extremely bummed to have missed last meeting, but I was out of town. 
> I wonder if the list gurus could advise which of two recent books on Linux 
> Firewalls might be better for me. I'm not entirely a newbie, having set up 
> an ipfw masquerading firewall on my system that I think works OK (but is 
> probably full of holes). I'm running both Linux and Win9x behind the 
> firewall without significant problems, DNS OK etc. But I'd like to start 
> building a secure server and that probably means more attention to the last 
> 20% of security. Two books appear as recent titles,
> Linux Firewalls  by Robert Ziegler (New Rider, 11/99), and
> Building Linux and Openbsd Firewalls; by Wes Sonnenreich and Tom Yates 
> (Wiley, 2/00)
> Any suggestions on which of these might be better for me? If it makes any 
> difference, I'm running RH5.2 on the firewall right now but plan to upgrade 
> to KRUD6.0 (which runs my file server already) Real Soon Now.
> -Mike
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